Immigration Services

Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of status is the process you can apply to obtain the Permanent Residence (Green Card) when you are living in the United States. You can obtain a Green Card without the need to return to your country to complete the process.

Renewal of Green Card

As a Permanent Resident, the Green Card is the way to prove legal status in the United States. Most of these documents are valid for 10 years. It is very important to have an updated Green Card to work and travel freely.


People who entered the United States as children and meet certain requirements may apply to the deferred action “DACA” for 2 years. Then, they could qualify for a work permit and stay in the United States.

Petition for Groom/Bride

The petition for Groom/Bride is granted to the Bride/Groom of the American Citizen, granting the person to enter the United States. Once the Groom/Bride enters the United States, He/She can apply for the Green Card if they like.

Family Petition

People as Husband or Wife and unmarried children, can emigrate with Permanent Residence (Green Card) to the United States. Evidence and some documents must be submitted to prove the relationship between the Permanent Resident and the person.


Being a citizen of the United States is a privilege. In almost all cases, the process is easy and fast. American citizenship can be obtained by Permanent Residence, Marriage with American citizen or through parents or by integrating the Army.

Citizenship Classes

The decision to apply for American Citizenship is very personal. To help you we have prepared a special course, with all the subjects you need: English, writing, reading and speaking. Also the civic test covers topics such as American History, and current political issues.